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Arts organizations are hiring pros to tell their stories

This article from Washington Post has almost persuaded me into a bright prospect of hiring a full-time reporter in arts organization. There is no denying that sometimes people are engaged in interesting stories on Facebook and Twitter, which are posted by an orchestra instead of a newspaper or other news press.

However I doubt if the cost of have a journalist as part of the team could match the effectiveness. To be more specific, it is the high traffic of social media brings success to news releases, and hence without the power of social media, arts organizations have to turn to professional reporters for help to spread their stories. So how much could in-house journalists help? Are they substitutable by PR and marketers? I am a bit baffled when not seeing many detailed examples.


2 comments on “Arts organizations are hiring pros to tell their stories

  1. awellfare89
    November 7, 2014

    I think it is a good idea to have a journalist on staff at large cultural organizations that can afford it for all of the reasons stated in your comments and in the article. It just makes sense. Another benefit to the organization is that they bring their media contacts with them, boosting the likelihood of landing stories in the news. Having a professional journalist on staff also ensures work to be well-crafted and up to current industry standards.

  2. sarasps85
    November 7, 2014

    I also think it´s a very good idea. Non-artist or non arts specialist can contribute to less subjectivity in how arts are presented to the audiences and sometimes this is crucial. It´s hard to make complex things seem simple. To have a journalist who is able to tell a “different” and “appealing” story can be a major asset in an arts institution.

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