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Don’t Stress

This article isn’t strictly about arts management but most of us are working/interning, schooling, worrying about our futures, and fitting a social life in all the holes.  We’re busy…stress is inevitable.  This blog is about managing daily stress and–while some of these suggestions make me want to throw something at it–most of the suggestions have the underlying message of recognizing your own stress signals and turning it to your advantage.


2 comments on “Don’t Stress

  1. jaredchamoff
    November 5, 2014

    Reading these types of blogs kind of stress me out more sometimes. Yet I find that I do many of the do’s and also do many of the DON’TS on from this blog. I definitely like to talk out stressful situations with close friends. For some reason this helps to diminish the stress. Even just getting out the words to describe why I feel stressed and being able to articulate them to someone makes me feel better.

    I’ve tried the 3 deep breaths thing before… it works way better in private than in public. People tend to think I am having some kind of asthma attack when I do that in public.

  2. Samantha Sobash
    November 6, 2014

    I’m taking away the “don’t think of it as stress” and “project an aura of calm” tactics. These both air a pretend you’re fine energy which I find to be very useful in moving forward on projects when I’m stressed. Otherwise I just continue to worry about not getting things done successfully and that’s paralyzing,

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