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One card – two theatres


It´s not common to have theatre subscriptions in Portugal and in the past weeks after all our readings about founding I was completely convinced that it was a non-existent practice in my country. But then I found this.

We have been talking about how important is it to connect with audiences (and donors) in meaningful and deeper ways and I think this campaign just nailed it.

Unfortunately most of you don´t understand Portuguese so here is the deal:

Two of the main theatres in the city of Lisbon – D. Maria II e São Luiz – are creating this 10 membership card that gives people aged between 30-65 a 50% discount in all their productions for one year in both theatres.

The campaign is around stories between random people named Maria and Luis (two typical portuguese names). The result is heartwarming: beautiful videos with beautiful stories about unexpected people. There is Luis the fun coffee house waiter with down syndrome, little Maria do Mar that wants to be a dancer and a mermaid, a guy that is in love with Maria ( his motorbike) and many others.

Great marketing campaign.

I want the card and I am not even there:)



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