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Will the Hirshhorn’s New Director Take off Without Turbulence?

This article about the Hirshhorn’s new director Melissa Chiu has it all- global reach, artwork inspired by CIA plots, disgruntled boards, money worries. The stuff my beach reads are made of…

All jokes aside, it will be interesting to follow Chiu’s reception in the DC art community. The director and museum has already received some negative feedback for letting go of their current docent base in favor of a new, unpaid internship guide program, and I expect there will also be some raised eyebrows over the spring exhibition of Shirin Neshat’s artwork. The Iranian born vido artist focuses on modern Iranian history, which the US government and the CIA have dabbled in with a less than spotless track record. I’m surprised this exhibition was even possible, given that the Hirshhorn is part of the Smithsonian consortium.

One comment on “Will the Hirshhorn’s New Director Take off Without Turbulence?

  1. lcrowley2014
    November 7, 2014

    I’m glad you posted this article because the first time I read through it earlier this week, I took such a dislike to it because of the way the NYTimes journalist frames the DC art scene – basically as no scene at all… Reading back through I saw that toward the end of the article, Melissa Chiu defends the city as not having “a particular temperament” that would “impede her efforts” and plans as the new director. I’m excited to see how the Hirshhorn evolves under her direction!

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