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How painting can transform communities

This TED Talk with Dutch artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn, who go by Haas&Hahn, demonstrates how they are using paint to transform some of the poorest communities in Rio de Janeiro, Philadelphia, and Haiti.  Their designs are simple, but compelling, and they always let the community help create the final product.  I love that the art they are creating isn’t complicated by nature, but is complex and sincere in the way it affects the community.  Their work is truly inspiring.


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3 comments on “How painting can transform communities

  1. zeniasimpson
    November 11, 2014

    This reminds me of the amazingly gorgeous work that street artists JR did in Cuba: I loved this work so much (and I’m not a mural art fan typically), because it literally captured the face of the city and was relevant to the community and allowed for the deep contemplation that most would only expect to get from large art institutions. World love to see more major public artworks like this!

  2. sarasps85
    November 11, 2014

    Cool. There is a visible social component in this project and they really got involved with the community. I wonder how does it look now as it is so hard to preserve street art. Look what they are doing in Lisbon:
    It´s beautiful but as far as I know…no community involvement here. ;(

  3. carolynsupinka18
    November 14, 2014

    This was a really great talk! I love projects that engage space and the community in this way. This reminded me of one of my favorite Pittsburgh artists, Swoon, who was featured in the NYTimes earlier this year. She does beautiful paper-cut portraits and installations:

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