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Art for your Turkey Day Travel

Stuck in the airport somewhere trying to get home? Arnet published a handy guide to art in airports this week, check it out, you may be lucky enough to squeeze some culture into your travel-frazzle! Also, since I managed to find two Thanksgiving relevant posts, check out these 12 classic Thanksgiving themed works. Know of any others?

Happy Thanksgiving arts managers!


2 comments on “Art for your Turkey Day Travel

  1. jessicamallow
    November 26, 2014

    How fun! It’s nice to see that people are getting in the spirit of the holiday. I appreciate that it can also be a reason to get people to pay attention to new art and public works that they otherwise may not notice, or care about, either! Although I will say that a couple of those turkey-based art works would never find a place on my own personal wall…they’re lovely nonetheless!

  2. yaoge2016
    November 28, 2014

    The turkey-based artworks are so funny! I don’t know if turkey has any implied meaning in those picture, like being grateful, etc. But it reminds me of the fish image in traditional Chinese culture, which implies rich and abundance. Please see Anyway, happy thanksgiving!!!

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