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Cultural Festivals need to think Glocal


There is an ever increasing number of arts and cultural festivals in Europe which has become known as the “festivalisation” of Europe. In the world today there exists a paradox of trends towards both hyper-localization and hyper-globalization that niche festivals both large and small are able to address. There is so much on the agenda for festivals including meeting the needs of the local community, engaging the global community and surviving the economy all while celebrating cultural heritage and dazzling the public with new artistic explorations. Festivals ultimately create a space for glocal participants to meet, network, and exchange their experiences. It would be fascinating to consider funding sources for all these emerging festivals? Would this influx of festivals be viable in the context of the United States based on funding trends?

P.S. I have become enchanted by service organizations for the arts and therefore love that this article references Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe (EFFE) and the European Festivals Association (EFA). EFFE is backed by the EU which calls for more public art including site specific work.



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