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Attraversiamo. A Post About Marketing.

Attraversiamo.  In Italian, Attraversiamo, is the idea of “crossing over,” but it’s more than that. It has to do with changing your direction or state of mind. In this article, author Leslie Cargill, talks about Boston Ballet’s efforts to reach new audiences. While maintaining their current audience base, they reached out to the non-traditional.

To bring in new audiences, they focused less on the product and more on the experience. “It’s not the push of selling a ticket, it’s the pull of engagement. The value, then, especially to the non-fan or non-theater goer, is in the experience.” A product should not be the only reason for attending an event, but with the product, there should be a promise of education, inspiration, or a shared time with close ones.

The author also mentions that she instituted daily check in meetings to ensure success, which reminded me of The Advantage.


2 comments on “Attraversiamo. A Post About Marketing.

  1. emkais
    December 3, 2014

    I like how the Attraversiamo applies both to their strategy and potentially to the non-traditional arts goer lured in by the experience. The juxtaposition of baseball to ballet is very interesting also. The way she illustrated the emergence of sports marketing made me stop to think…really? That’s a manipulated outcome? And then, why not for ballet or any other art form. Attraversiamo away!

  2. qfloyd
    December 10, 2014

    This directly correlates with what we have been doing in our Intro To Technology course with Peter Gelb’s simulcast innovation for the metropolitan opera. It is very interesting to compare baseball to ballet because that might be the only way someone (not us) can understand art. It is often difficult for us to maintain our loyal audiences while focusing on our new audiences. Attraversiamo might be what we need in the arts to engage both audiences.

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