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Cirque’s next balancing act…it’s business

You may be sick of Cirque du Soleil by now, but here’s an interesting business article on how the company (and Guy, in particular) is thinking of reshaping their business in the face of declines and challenges.


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One comment on “Cirque’s next balancing act…it’s business

  1. amyjoforeman
    December 11, 2014

    Wow, there are some major differences here when compared to the case study we did this semester. In the case study, the fear of over saturation was mentioned and now it’s happened. I wonder what cautionary steps they wish they’d taken in advance before things turned sour.

    I was surprised to see that there is a push to include more investors. I’m also excited to see what success come out of expanding their market. I’m glad they recognized an internal need to restructure rather than blaming their environment, but did they HAVE to cut the anniversary jackets??!?!

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