Survey of Arts Management

Course blog for American University PERF-570, Fall 2014

Assignment Details

To receive full credit for every post and comment, please attend to the following requirements:

By Each Wednesday Night
Blog Post
(10 points possible for each, one each week, 11 are required)
By the end of each Wednesday (11:59 pm), you will post an entry to the class blog, linking to an article, event, organization, image, or report about some element of arts and culture related to the class (late submissions will be reduced by 5 points). To be complete, each post must include:

  1. A title, quote, or image for the resource;
  2. A working hyperlink to the resource;
  3. A short note about the item, and why it is relevant to the class, or to the world of arts and cultural management.

By Each Friday Night
Blog Comment
(5 points each, two each week, 22 are required)
By the end of each Friday (11:59 pm), you will post two comments to someone else’s post on the blog system. Each comment can include a link to another resource related to the original post, or can offer an example, reflection, agreement/disagreement, or other relevant response. These have no specific requirements, other than general relevance to the post.

These entries will be noted weekly, so please don’t wait until the end of the semester to post a bunch of items and comments.



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